How it works

How it Works

Step One

Defrost and place 1 Pizza base in a lightly floured flat tray covered with a lid or cling film at room temperature ( 20/22 °C ) for about 18/24* hours or defrost in the fridge for 10/12 hours and then at room temperature for another 10/12 hours

Step Two

A bit before your pizza base is ready to bake, heat up your Woodfired/Gas/Electric **oven and bring it up to 400/450°C**

Step Three

Once your pizza base and oven are ready, with a spatula remove the pizza base from the tray and place it on a clean floured bench. For best result and if you can, stretch it gently by pushing your fingers flat from the center to the top of the pizza base leaving the edges untouched which will form then that classic puffy crust called Cornicione, flip it over and do it again until you will form a disc with a diameter of approximately 30/32Cm.*** Make sure there is enough flour on the bench when you work the dough to avoid that will stick on the bench

Step Four

Once you have shaped your pizza base in to a round disc, add on it your favourite toppings. Dust the pizza peel with a bit of flour and let your pizza base slide on to the peel and transfer the pizza into the hot oven. Bake no more than 2 minutes**** and your pizza will be ready

                             *This is approximately the time that Dough It will take to be ready if you keep it at 20/22 °C

                             **Temperature and kind of ovens recommended to use Dough It for Neapolitan-style pizza

                            ***Approximate size you should get from Dough It to make a Neapolitan pizza

                            **** Approximate time that your pizza will be ready if you cook at 400/450 °C